29 Random Observations That’ll Make Your Brain Hurt In The Best Way Possible

Image Source: Reddit

Did you ever realize something, out of nowhere, that just sort of cracked you over the head with how obvious it was, and how stupid you had been for not understanding? I think we all have at least one of those moments in our lives – the giant “OH I GET IT” moments that leave you reeling and your mind more expanded.

These memes are kind of like that. Maybe not quite so thunderous, but still – you better prepare to have your mind expanded.

29. This one about solving global issues:

28. This one about relationships:

27. This one about nets:

26. This one about legends:

25. This one about etymology:

24. This one about seeing colors:

23. This one about opposites:

22. This one about pi:

21. This one about heroes:

20. This one about maturity: