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Smokey Robinson Made A Cameo Video For A Fan Celebrating Chanuka—And It Took An Awkward Turn


The celebrity-messaging app Cameo has produced many memorable clips, but Smokey Robinson’s awkward Chanukah wishes to a childhood neighbor might just take the cake.

In a recent video, the 80-year-old star of Motown reached out to Twitter user Jeff Jacobson’s mother to wish her a happy Chanukah.

Unfortunately, Robinson wasn’t completely sure how to pronounce the holiday, and so took a pretty big swing.

The video of Robinson quickly went viral on Twitter.

People loved how charmingly Robinson wished the Jacobson family a happy “cha-noo-ka” despite not knowing what that was.

The word חנוכה is transliterated from the Hebrew alphabet—or Ktav Ashuri—so some 20+ spellings are used with the most common being Hanukkah, Channukah and Chanukah.

Many thought the video was even better than it might have been if Robinson had pronounced the holiday correctly.

Smokey Robinson has only cemented his status as a legend with this video.

There are several ways to spell Chanukah, so Robinson’s mistake is easy to understand.

Robinson himself even reached out to Jacobson’s viral tweet to ask for a do-over!

Don’t worry, Mr. Robinson, you remain a star in all of our hearts.

Happy Chanukah!

Collin Gossel

Written by Collin Gossel

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