SNL Did A Spot-On Spoof Of Kids’ Holiday Clothing Ads That Has Parents Relating Hard

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The holidays are an absolute rush for most, from buying presents to decorating to baking and cooking, to…

Nevermind when you also have little ones to attend to.

To celebrate the gift that is the holidays as a parent, Saturday Night Live created a unique spoof of shopping at Macy’s and dressing our kids up for the festive season that parents everywhere are identifying with.

The video is a hilarious spoof ad of a Macy’s commercial, commenting on some of the season’s greater headaches for parents.

Included in the mayhem are clothes are that are hot and itchy, always sporting those awful, long, scratchy tags.

You can watch SNL’s entire spoof ad here:

The ad said:

“For your little ones, Macy’s has the best in fashion that’ll have them saying, ‘It’s too hot!,’ ‘It itches!’ and [baby crying].”

Let’s also not forget the jumpers that doom all of our daughters to failure.

The ad suggested:

“30% off all holiday rompers she’ll never get off in time!”

Not to mention the adorable Christmas ensembles featuring a thousand impractical buttons that leave parents wondering why they clothed their children in the first place.

The ad said:

“For your new arrivals, we have precious winter onesies with so many tiny buttons and snaps, you’ll let your baby sit in a loaded diaper for hours, just to avoid having to put it back on!”

There are also the more tongue-in-cheek remarks in the ad, like the fragility of marriage during the season so festive, it makes any wedding decoration look dull.

The ad remarked:

“Save an extra 10% on snow boots that are so hard to put on, it’ll strain your marriage!”

The video has been shared everywhere, performing particularly well on Twitter, and it’s clear why.

Parents can’t get enough of the relatable content, from the scratchy clothes to the difficult boots to the little things that leave parents arguing and cursing, despite the desired merriment.

Parents everywhere are sharing the video, rolling over Saturday Night Live’s holiday parody that clearly gets parenting.

Tis the season to be jolly, but parents, perhaps consider making it easier on yourself?

Dress everyone up in some comfortable clothes!

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McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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