Guy Calls Cops On Black Man Waiting For His Friend While His Young Son Tearfully Begs Him Not To Do It

Wesly Michel/Facebook

Nothing says America 2019 like some good, old fashioned racism on the Fourth of July.

Unfortunately the above statement is not a joke, especially for Wesly Michel of San Francisco, California.

Michel is a black software engineer who was waiting outside of a San Francisco apartment complex for a friend on the 4th. While he waited, a man later identified as Christopher Cukor, a YouTube executive, accused Michel of trespassing and proceeded to call the cops in front of his young son.

Michel filmed Cukor and his son and posted the result to Facebook.

At the time of this article’s writing, the video has had over 1.5 million views on its original post with nearly 35,000 shares.

During the video, Cukor can be heard demanding that Michel call his friend down to meet him.

Michel responds to Cukor by saying:

“They don’t need to do that, you can just walk away.”

As Cukor pulled out his phone to call the police, his son can be heard saying:

“Daddy, don’t, don’t.”

The little boy continued to beg his dad to drop this issue.

“Daddy, go. It’s the better, I agree with him, Daddy. It’s the better. I don’t like this. Let’s go.”

Michel encourages Cukor to:

“listen to [his] son”.

Throughout the video, Michel urges Cukor to be sensible, all the while filming him and warning him that he would be:

“…the next person on TV”

Wesly even gives Christopher the opportunity to take back his offensive behavior in exchange for deleting the video that has now gone viral, but the YouTube employee refused.

Finally Wesly’s friend arrived on the scene and Cukor can be seen turning bright red before reprimanding Michel for cursing in front of his son.

The internet is outraged at Cukor’s blatant racism, and even more affronted by his willingness to behave in such a manner in front of his young son.

Others are taking some solace in the fact that the little boy knew that his father’s actions were wrong.

Cukor, the YouTube exec who called the police despite his own son’s objections, has since deleted all his social media accounts.

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Written by B Miller

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