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South Carolina Man Unintentionally Gets Super Stoned After Requesting ‘Extra Lemon’ In His McDonald’s Sweet Tea

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If you’re struggling to make it through these difficult times nowadays, a man in South Carolina has discovered a new way to chill: just give your local McDonald’s the secret code “Extra Lemon.”

At least, that’s what Parrish Brown from the city of Hilton Head thinks happened to him recently. Brown went to his local McDonald’s and ordered his usual drink: sweet lea, light ice, extra lemon.

But instead of extra lemon, he got three bags of weed, which he swallowed and got “high as a kite.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking.

But the story gets even weirder in the details, according to what Brown told local paper The Island Packet.

When Brown asked the McDonald’s employee for “extra lemon,” the McDonald’s employee repeated, “Extra lemon?” in a weird voice… which is ominous…

Is this employee a trafficker? Was he or she waiting for a special signal from a dealer?

Is Ronald McDonald a weed kingpin?! 

ronald mcdonald wink GIF

Anyway, this isn’t even the weirdest part.

Brown was apparently moving his straw around his cup a lot and punctured the bags. Brown had never had marijuana before, so he didn’t recognize the taste and continued drinking the entire sweet tea even though it tasted weird (like you do).

He proceeded to get so high he freaked out–because he was at work and didn’t want to get in trouble. So he called 911.

Whereupon this happened:

“I called dispatch and the woman yelled like ‘WHAT!? Call 911!’ And I was like, ma’am, you are 911.’ She couldn’t believe it.”

Now if this is the point in this slapstick comedy about the world’s dumbest drug traffickers where you’re like:

fake basketball wives GIF by VH1

You are definitely not alone. Plenty of people on the internet—weed aficionados especially—smell a rat (or, shall we say, a skunk).

Be that as it may, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that the substance in Brown’s sweet tea was indeed “extra lemon”…

wink wink i can relate GIF

…that is, marijuana. As such, they have launched an investigation, which they’re keeping hush-hush at the moment, so we’ll have to wait to find out if “extra lemon” means like “extra lemon” or “extra lemon,” if you know what I mean.

But elsewhere on the internet, people were pretty much ready to make a pilgrimage to the Hilton Head McDonald’s ASAP.

Anyway, if nothing else, let’s get “extra lemon” trending as the new pot culture catchphrase du jour. It’s too good to leave behind!


Written by John Sundholm

John Sundholm is a writer, video producer and performer originally from Michigan, and is one of those people who says he "lived in London for a while" even though it was only six weeks for study abroad. He made Ellen DeGeneres laugh once so you should probably follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Medium, where he does a lot of yelling under the name @JohntheCraptist.