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South Dakota Man Rages After Getting Bucket Of Water Thrown On Him For Using Racist And Homophobic Slurs

Andrea Lynn/Facebook

Good morning, and here’s your cup of “racists getting mad after getting what they deserve” juice.

Police received several complaints of a White man in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who was using racial epithets and homophobic slurs.

Sorry for the horrible language but this happening in Sioux Falls right now. Driving by calling everyone outside fa****s and n*****s. Got a bucket of water thrown on him and said he was assaulted. Let’s do better SF.

Posted by Andrea Lynn on Monday, July 13, 2020

The video was taken after the man was reportedly doused with a bucket of water, leading him to call authorities and say he was “assaulted.”

The same man was caught on video a year ago in downtown Sioux Falls, yelling the n-word at kids from his bike as he passed them.

Warning: uncensored ethnic slurs ahead.

The man, whose name remains unreleased to the press, was not arrested on Monday for his behavior.

“What he’s doing really falls under free speech, so there’s really no laws that are broken,” said Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens.

That the more recent incident was also met with zero consequences upset many viewers of the video on Facebook, who demanded more consequences for outright racism.

Also, apparently this man has been sighted in downtown Sioux Falls more than once doing the same thing.


Sioux Falls police’s refusal to act or to remove this man from public life in Sioux Falls speaks volumes.

Thankfully, nobody was arrested for dousing this man with water.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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