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Southwest Baggage Handler Caught On Camera Carelessly Tossing Luggage—Including A Box Of Live Fish ????

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Many travelers, upon opening their hopelessly mixed-up luggage once they’ve reached their destination, often suspect their belongings aren’t exactly handled with care by airport staff. In this particular case, those fears were justified when a baggage handler for Southwest Airlines was caught on cell-phone video nonchalantly tossing luggage through the air to its designated location, including several packages containing live tropical fish.

Phoenix resident Loudin Krueg witnessed the employee throwing packages outside the window of his aircraft and immediately began filming.

He was especially enraged by the sight of boxes marked “live fish” flying through the air:

“When I saw him throwing a live animal around, I was like this is more serious than my camera. This is something that’s supposed to be someone’s pet, so that’s what got to me.”

Southwest Airlines issued a statement to Business Insider, saying:

“We’re aware of the video and have handled the situation internally, also having reached to our Cargo Customers to ensure there was no damage in the shipment.”

In a separate statement to ABC News 15, Southwest elaborated:

“The video is deeply concerning. We expect our Employees to treat all Customers’ luggage and cargo as they would their own. We will work with the Employee to retrain on policies and procedures to prevent this type of handling again.”

Krueg was also concerned for his own expensive camera equipment, which he was bringing home after a shoot in Puerto Rico:

“Luckily, we packed them in some pretty hefty stuff, but you get worried, when you have $100,000 of stuff sitting under a plane and this guy’s throwing it 15 feet in the air.”

After watching the video, Twitter was beside itself with anger.

Earlier this year, a baggage handler for Ryanair was caught throwing packages in a similar fashion.

With airline prices as high as they are, the very least passengers deserve is for their belongings to arrive home in one piece.

H/T – Business Insider, Twitter

Collin Gossel

Written by Collin Gossel

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