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Taco Bell Cashier Fired After Her Islamophobic Rant Is Caught On Video By Muslim Customer


A former manager-in-training at a Bridgeton Taco Bell recently went on a racist rant in response to a Muslim man at her store’s drive thru.

The man, Tarek Hamdan, had been fasting for Ramadan, a Muslim holiday that requires an all-day fast.

After getting through the full day without food or water, Hamdan decided to make a late night trek to the Taco Bell drive thru to break his fast, getting $55 worth of food for his suhoor, or pre-sunrise meal.

Much to his (and everyone’s) disappointment, the employee in the drive thru had to share her opinion on Hamdan’s religious beliefs.

Luckily, the man had his phone out and ready to expose the employee for who she was.

“Until you call me and change my mind, Muslim motherf**kers can suck my d**k.”

The conversation went on for a good 25 minutes, during which the cashier grilled Hamdan on his beliefs towards women.

“Women have equal rights as men, that’s what God says in the book,” says Hamdan patiently.

To which the cashier replied: “That’s not Muslim.”

The “terrorist” stereotype was also addressed, with Hamdan arguing that extremists are “monsters” and “disgusting,” and not representative of the Muslim religion and culture.

The manager-to-be continued her rant, saying that “they tore down my country, they killed thousands of my people.”

After posting the video on his Twitter on May 13th, Hamdan has received many tweets from supporters.

Even Taco Bell itself chimed in, asking Hamdan to DM them.

Since then, the Islamophobic cashier has been fired.

Hamdan has found an additional video after the fact, and posted that one to Twitter as well.

What people like this ex-future-manager need to understand is that this kind of behavior is not tolerated by workplaces.

A simple video going viral can mean the end of your job, and the sooner these kinds of people understand that, the sooner they’ll maybe think before they speak up. And maybe they may learn a thing or two about compassion and tolerance and not stereotyping.

At least, we can only hope.

Rae Meghan

Written by Rae Meghan

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