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Taco Bell ‘Karen’ Claims She’s ‘Charlie Manson’s Daughter’ While Threatening Employees In Racist Meltdown


The internet can’t take its eyes off yet another viral video of a “Karen” going ballistic in public—but this one reaches new levels of bizarre behavior.

The incident took place in a Taco Bell near Springfield, Missouri when a White woman claimed she was shorted food from her order.

The maskless woman lost her cool, yelled racial epithets, hurled objects around the restaurant and—as if that weren’t enough—claimed to be Charles Manson’s daughter.

The video appeared in the PublicFreakout subReddit and has since gone viral.

WARNING: NSFW language

Karen from Missouri Freaksout saying she was shorted tacos. (She wasn’t) from r/PublicFreakout

In the video, the woman berated employees for shorting her on her order.

No matter how calmly and politely the employees explained that her order was correct, she became visibly more irate. As things escalated, the woman began yelling at the employees and called one of them a “pu**y.”

The employees continued trying to explain to her that her order was correct. She just became more irate.

She then began yelling threats of violence and racial epithets at employees.

“I’ma follow you home and f’k you up.”

“Watch me c*nt ni**er! Ni**er motherf’ker!”

Neither employee appeared to be Black.

One of the employees then attempted one more time to explain to the Karen that her order was correct, and told her she can contact corporate. The woman then went completely unhinged, hurling objects from the counter around the restaurant and shoving them at the employees, lunging toward them as they flinch.

One of them could be heard telling her this would not accomplish anything.

And when it inevitably did not, the woman stormed out while issuing a final threat and making a bizarre claim.

“Punk bitch, I’m bringing my husband in here.”

“You’re going down, punk bitch, trust and believe.”

“You f’ked with the wrong motherf’ker.”

“I’m Charlie Manson’s daughter.”

To which one of the employees quipped, without missing a beat:

“That explains a lot.”

Charles Manson was the infamous psychopath and cult leader who inspired a series of grisly murders in 1969, including that of film star Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time. Manson died in prison in 2017 and was not known to have had any daughters.

Online, many people were shocked and outraged by the video.


“These “people” are absolutely insufferable. I hope that her pastor is proud of her.”

“I just don’t understand all of the vitriol from the mouths of good southern Christians over a messed up food order, wearing a mask, or life in general.”

“I know who made it acceptable, but I don’t understand why it seems to be OK. Because it REALLY isn’t.” —BeltfedOne

“Everyone on here making excuses like she’s drunk or high. No, she’s just a racist piece of sh*t wasting air.” —bee144

“When you angry and laughing at someone who “can’t get a better job” but you are dependent on their service and their patience” —salt6969

But some couldn’t help but laugh at the bizarreness of the video.


“Being drunk in a Taco Bell has never turned out good….for anyone…Ever.” —JakobeBryan19

“I feel like Taco Bell wasted at 3am is understandable, wasted 3pm Taco Bell is another level” —smallpoxxblanket

“Manson doesn’t have a biological daughter. Even if he did; she should have to pay the same inflated Taco Bell prices like the rest of us non-Manson kids.” —r1verbend

In a statement, Taco Bell confirmed that none of the employees were injured. They were proud of the employees for handling the woman’s tirade with such patience.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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