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Guy Throws Tantrum And Lays Down On Floor At Florida Costco After Being Asked To Wear Face Mask


A recent online video captured the scene as a Costco customer staunchly refused to wear his mask. People attempted to reason with the man, but to no avail.

At this point in the pandemic, that’s hardly a news story. Over the last ten months we’ve seen several stubborn shoppers refuse to abide by widespread mask-wearing guidelines.

But the shopper in this recent video set himself apart by laying down on the floor and crossing his arms in the middle of the argument.

And on top of that, he was behaving that way not with an employee, but with a police officer.

Though the video didn’t pick up exactly what the customer said to the officer, there was no mistaking the pose he struck. He looked exactly like a young child throwing a temper tantrum in public while adults plead for better behavior.

You can watch the video here:

Grown ass man throwing a tantrum at Costco because he was told to wear a mask. Location: Lantana FL from r/trashy

The man’s antics were shared on the “trashy” subReddit.

It made it to Twitter as well.

People who saw the video blasted the grown man for behaving absurdly. 

Others observed White privilege at play. 

On the “trashy” subReddit, the responses were similar. 

“Imagine touching your body to a super market floor just so you don’t have to prevent others from catching a disease” — stinky-c**t

“Some people have never had to do an unselfish thing in their entire life before and it shows.” — cookoobandana

“Time to test the ‘gallon of milk drop to the nuts’ challenge.” — creepyclownpicnic

“There’s literally women giving birth in masks and these p*ssbabies can’t wear one to go buy some bread and milk” — Mercenarian

Eventually, Newsflare caught up with the person who filmed the original video.

They shared some more details about the incident, which took place in a Costco in Lantana, Florida.

The perpetrator was a “Florida man.”

“He said he would sue Costco and the police if they touched him. He was shopping without a mask.”

“I assume he put one on to enter and then took it off while inside but I don’t about that.”

“He got up because the officer allowed him to pay for his stuff and leave, so he got up and paid for his stuff at the self check out then the officer escorted him out.”

“Outside the manager was arguing with an officer that they should have not let him pay for his stuff.”

In total, the state of Florida has seen 1.21 million cases and over 20 thousand deaths since the virus first hit the U.S.

Palm Beach County, where Lantana sits, accounts for over 77 thousand of those cases and 1,835 deaths.

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