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Teacher’s Insensitive Comments On A Child’s Work Has Parents Demanding She Be Fired

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Teachers, we get that your job is incredibly stressful, but if you’ve hit a point where you’re writing outright rude and not at all constructive comments on your student’s work … maybe it’s time for a career switch.

The internet is up-in-arms after parents of a 2nd grader in Pennsylvania publicly posted a picture of a comment his teacher left on an assignment.

The assignment in question is something known as a 3 minute drill. The idea is for students to answer as many math questions as they can within a three minute time limit.

Some kids love the assignments, seeing them as a fun race to the finish. Other children, particularly those with anxiety or who aren’t as comfortable with math, absolutely hate them.

Parents and teachers both agree the drills don’t accurately reflect a student’s mathematical abilities and several school districts have begun working towards getting rid of the drills entirely.

That hasn’t yet happened where this child goes to school, so he had to do the drill right along with the rest of the class. He answered 13 of the 50 possible questions in those three minutes—an effort his teacher deemed “absolutely pathetic.”

His teacher, identified as Alyssa Rupp Bohenek, let him (and his parents) know how she felt by writing it in giant red letters along with “sad” and a frowny face across the top of his work.

The 7-year-old boy was sent home with this: 

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The parents complained to the school, which immediately launched a disciplinary investigation (because who the h*ll thinks this is okay to write to a young child?!?). However, people are saying that’s not enough.

Petitions for the teacher’s removal have gained some serious support online. One in particular has over seven thousand signatures.

Parents, non-parents and even other teachers are rallying behind the little boy. Bohenek’s comment and behavior has been deemed mean or minimally non-constructive.

There is one counter-petition for her to keep her job working with young children, but the counter-petition spelled her name wrong and has well under 100 signatures at this point.

We don’t have any answers yet when it comes to how the district will handle the situation, but the court of public opinion has certainly decided.

Bohenek shouldn’t be allowed to work with children as far as most people are concerned. These sorts of hurtful comments may have been considered fine “back in the day” but most people (and studies) agree there’s no place for them in a modern classroom.

Check out some of these comments. 

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Written by Erica Diaz

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