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Guy Who Was Kicked Out As A Teen For Being Gay Discovers His Dad Went To Gay Orgies In Wild Video


Forget fuzzy socks and Kindles. For Christmas a few years ago, one TikToker sent a family-altering bombshell to all his relatives.

Imagine taking Pandora’s box, opening it wide, and capturing all that’s inside within a red, velveteen stocking on the mantle.

For TikTok user Zephryus, that 2017 Christmas delivery was not just some prank. It was retribution for a history of homophobic abuse at the hands of his father.

He recalled that momentous Christmas in a recent post, which has raked in nearly four million likes.

In the video, Zephryus, blanketed by a cool blue light, lip synced over fellow TikToker Grace Gorski’s cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

As Gorski belted the refrain higher and higher, Zephryus unveiled the details of the story. He recalled how he was kicked out of the house when, at age 15, he came out as gay.

The same happened to his sister, who came out as bisexual.

But then, years later, the siblings made a profound discovery:

“My dad starting a new job and giving his old laptop to my nephew but leaving his craigslist and email logged into so my sisters did some investigating.”

“My dad selling himself for gay s3x on backpages on Craiglist and getting money paypalled to him and finding years of cheating with men.”

“Having someone on grindr send me pictures of an orgy with my dads pictures as one of the participants.”

“My sisters and I putting all the evidence in Christmas stockings for the whole family on Christmas morning 2017.”

@zephrynHmmm chil anyways soooo story time? ##fyp ##foryou ##BagelBopsContest ##CashAppInBio ##storytime ##gay ##gayguy ##lgbtqia ##queer ##homophobia♬ original sound – Grace Groski

TikTok viewers were absolutely stunned by the story.

Chris Klemens/TikTok

Others found Zephryus’ storytelling as compelling as the saga itself.  


Ashton Baez/TikTok

It’s sure to be a memorable holiday season for people everywhere this year, primarily due to the unique dynamics of a global pandemic.

But it may not be the most momentous that Zephryus has ever experienced. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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