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Teen Sparks Drama After Refusing To Give Up Her Room To Her Half-Sister As A ‘Christmas Gift’

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Sibling rivalry and jealousy don’t take time off for holidays. That’s what a young person found out during Christmas.

Redditor throwaway_777890 is a 16-year-old living with her mother, stepfather and their 14-year-old daughter.

The Original Poster (OP) found themselves mired in family drama that stemmed from her recently decorating her room.

When she was called a “brat” and accused of being selfish, the OP visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not giving up my room because my half-sister wanted it as a ‘Christmas gift’?”

The OP explained what led to tensions in the household.

“I (F16) live with my mom and her husband. My mom and dad divorced when i was 2 and she and her husband had another kid, my half sister (14). I visit my dad here and there but not often due to him traveling a lot for work.”

“Recently i’ve grown into liking anime and other things so i asked my mom if i could rearrange my room. It was super plain and depressing at first so it felt good to add color and lots of decorations (posters, led lights, pictures)”

“It took nearly 3 weeks but it came out super nice and it overall makes me a lot happier to be in. Last week, my half sister went into my room while i was visiting my dad to celebrate Christmas early and she told her dad she wanted my room because it looked nice to her.”

“When i came home my mom told me about her wanting my room and i said no. She said it would mean a lot to my half sister and i could take her room and redecorate that one.”

“I said no again and that if she really wanted a room like mine she could decorate her own herself with their help.”

“My mom said she was just a kid and wouldn’t be able to do all the decorations like i did and it would be simple if i just redecorated the other room.”

“I was angry my mom would even suggest i give up my room i worked hard for and even spent my own money on everything but the paint. Her husband offered to give me money to decorate the other room without spending my money but i still declined.”

“My mom called me a brat and said i was almost 17 and should grow up, that i wouldn’t be in the room anymore than another 2 years so it wasn’t a big deal to give it up.”

“Her husband called me selfish and said i was crushing his daughter’s feelings and that was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. His words were ‘OP, how could you crush your little sister’s dreams and be so selfish.'”

“I get it’s just a room but i still don’t think it’s right that i have to give up something i worked hard for because she went into my room without my permission, something they didn’t even care to acknowledge.”

“My mom has been trying to convince me to give her the room and i said if she takes my room then i’ll remove all the decorations. She has been mad at me for nearly 3 days now i feel like an awful person for letting it get to this extent.”


Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

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Redditors declared NTA.

“NTA – this is an absolutely ridiculous request, and a 14 year old is perfectly capable of hanging her own posters.” – SWGoodToes

“It’s amazing how a 14 year old is ‘a little girl who can’t do anything for herself please give her things’ and a 16 year old is ‘pretty much already an adult, and being an adult means sacrificing everything for other people.’” – michiness

“Dear lord, I painted and decorated my own room, including hanging my own shelves with minimal supervision at 13. This sister is a spoiled beast.” – BUTTeredWhiteBread

“NTA. And I’d like To point out this is how adults end up being entitled assholes, because mummy and daddy swoop in to fix all their problems for them and giving in to every demand they make, no matter how unreasonable.”

“If your mum and step dad don’t want your sister turning into an entitled brat, they need to nip this behaviour in the bud real quick.” – 67MidnightRider

“This is so not even a problem that needs to be fixed, this is OP’s sister being an entitled brat probably more out of jealousy, spite and vengeance than anything else.”

“OP, if you can get a lock for your room so she can’t destroy it while you’re at school or out with friends. NTA. Stand your ground.”

“Give her an inch and she’ll take a mile. You don’t deserve any of this and it is completely unfair. Unfortunately, your mom and stepdad are every single bit as immature as your stepsister is, and you’re the sane one, the mature one here.”

“You know what’a right and wrong. Just hold on. Don’t give in. Good luck.” – mollygunns

“NTA. What the hell. It’s your room. I don’t even get why switching the rooms was an option in the first place.”

“I mean politely asking you to help your half sister decorate her room too? Sure. That’s a reasonable thing to ask. But just guilt tripping you into giving up your own room? As a Christmas gift? Dafuq?!” – MrRobinsonCrusoe

Overall, Redditors thought the half-sister was entitled for her unreasonable request and they believed the OP should keep the room they felt was rightfully hers.

The OP came back with a few updates.

The OP added a few details about the room decorating situation.

“My sister isn’t willing to decorate her room with me. I’ve offered and she said no. She just wants my room for I don’t know what reason. And i refuse to decorate her entire room by myself.”

“THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me and commented you guys are all too kind. I’ve tried all day to get my sister to agree to decorating her own room but she doesn’t want to. She’s been making a lot of comments hinting that she would just take my room when i go visit my dad again.”

“So i talked to my dad about the whole situation and he sided with me and said i wasn’t obligated to give up my room. I told my mom even my dad agreed and she still doesn’t care.”

“A lot of you are right this isn’t the first thing my sister wanted (and got to have in those cases). I have a really good relationship with my dad and where i live, i’m old enough to stay at home alone while my dad is gone.”

“A really really nice person messaged me and suggested i go live with my dad and when he comes home next week. I’ll talk to him about it then.”

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