Texas Mayor Kills Massive Gator With One Shot After Claiming It Ate Her Miniature Horse 3 Years Ago ?

Mayor Kills Alligator

Revenge comes in all ages and sizes. One Texas city mayor exacted hers on an alligator after three long years of plotting.

Judy Cochran, mayor of Livingston, Texas, made headlines with her recent kill. A 12-foot alligator made the mistake of crossing paths with Cochran, as she had a huge grudge to settle with the gator.

Cochran believed the alligator killed a miniature horse right off her ranch.

“The horse just disappeared, so we’re thinking the gator got it,” Cochran told Fox 32 Chicago.

To lure the gator out of the water, she rigged up a dead raccoon to a hook and hung it above the water. Livingston resides in Polk County, one of 12 counties you are allowed to hunt an alligator, but only between September 10th through the 30th.

Cochran’s window was limited, and she was in meetings when the alligator was trapped.

“When Scott called, he said, we’ve got the big one, Nana, so come on down,” said Cochran. She then raced home to her ranch and used her Winchester .22 Magnum to secure the kill.

However, Twitter was a split on Cochran’s kill, with some in support of a grandma taking it to a massive beast, while others were opposed to the mercy kill of a trapped animal.

“I said, ‘Don’t mess with Nana,'” Cochran said. “My grandchildren call me Nana.”

H/T: Twitter, FOX32


Written by Robert Acosta

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