Texas Teen Admits He Strangled His 8-Months-Pregnant Sister To Death Because She Was ‘An Embarrassment’ To The Family

The Colony Police Department

19-year-old Eduardo Arevalo from Texas is currently being held in The Colony Jail after admitting to killing his eight-month-pregnant sister and faking his sister’s suicide as a cover story.

Her name was Viridiana, age 23, and Arevalo claimed that he killed her because of his family’s honor.

According to the police, Arevalo said: 

“[Viridiana had become] an embarrassment to the family. [They would] be better off if she wasn’t here.”

On December 17, Arevalo lied to his family and told them Viridiana had confided to him that she was suicidal.

The Colony Police Department issued a “Missing, and Possibly Endangered, Person” report to the public, asking anyone who might have information to come forward.

Tragically, what had actually happened was Arevalo had strangled his sister and created a fake suicide note. He then took her body in the back of his car and dumped her in a rural area about an hour outside The Colony, where he believed no one would come across her.

However, his family was not appeased by Arevalo’s story that Viridiana was suicidal, not to mention by the fake suicide note. Something wasn’t adding up for them, and they still had questions.

As their queries continued to pile up, Arevalo returned to where he had left his sister’s body and moved her to an alleyway near his family’s home.

The Colony Police Department issued a follow-up statement after Viridiana’s body was found. Her discovery began when the police received a call stating they had seen an unconscious woman in an alley.

The Criminal Investigations Division from The Colony Police Department and the Crime Scene Unit from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office quickly secured the area and began to investigate the area for clues.

With clues from Viridiana’s body and video footage from the surrounding area, the two teams were able to quickly narrow their focus in on her brother, Eduardo Arevalo.

Once taken into custody, Arevalo admitted to detectives that he had initially wanted to kill his sister because of the disgrace it placed on his family, and he believed they would be better off without her.

He then admitted to lying about her suicidal tendencies and creating a fake suicide note, as well as strangling her and hiding her body, and later moving her body to the nearby alleyway, to help provide his family closure.

Here’s the full report from The Colony Police Department, which included Eduardo Arevalo’s mugshot.

They first detailed the discovery of Viridiana’s body: 

“Death Investigation Update -Press Release: THE COLONY, TX – On December 22, 2019 at 07:43 A.M. The Colony Police Department received a call stating that there was an unconscious female lying in the south alley of the 5200 block of Strickland Avenue.”

“The Criminal Investigations Division from The Colony Police Department, as well as Crime Scene Unit from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, secured the area to conduct an investigation and search for evidence.”

Next, they described their investigation process:

“Detectives from TCPD identified the body as Viridiana Arevalo, who was listed as a missing person from this agency. Detectives had been extensively looking for Viridiana since Tuesday, December 17th, the day she was reported missing.”

“Upon gathering evidence at the scene, and evidence gathered while searching for the missing person, Detectives were able to focus on Eduardo Arevalo, 19, the brother of Viridiana.”

“Video evidence obtained from cameras located in the area where the body was discovered assisted investigators in the case.”

Finally, they included details of Arevalo’s confession:

“Eduardo confessed to Detectives that he killed Viridiana on Monday December 16th because of family conflict.”

“Eduardo stated that he killed Viridiana in the home, then placed her body in his vehicle and transported her to an area outside of The Colony where the body would not be discovered.”

“In the early morning hours of Sunday December 22nd Eduardo then went back to the location he originally placed Viridiana’s body at, and transported her back to The Colony where he dumped her body. Detectives are working leads to try to locate the area in question.”

“Eduardo is currently in The Colony Jail and charged with Capital Murder as Viridiana was pregnant at the time of her death. He could face additional charges at a later time. The mug shot shown below is Eduardo Arevalo.”

After The Colony Police Department shared the update of discovering Viridiana’s body and confirming her killer, Facebook has expressed its condolences for the family.

The Colony Police Department / Facebook
The Colony Police Department / Facebook

Sargeant Aaron Woodard later reported: 

“As the week went on, Eduardo stated that he wanted his family to know where Viri was at so he went and picked up her body and brought her back Sunday morning in the early morning hours and dumped her body in the alleyway.”

Because his sister was pregnant, Arevalo faces charges of capital murder. It’s unclear if other charges will be delivered.

Arevalo is being held indefinitely at The Colony Jail where the investigation continues.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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