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Texas Woman Throws Food Out Of Her Cart In Epic Grocery Store Meltdown After Being Told To Wear A Mask


The trend of so-called “Karens” having nuclear-grade meltdowns in public over being asked to wear a face mask shows no signs of slowing down.

And in recent days, the annals of this bizarre craze received a new chapter, this time from a woman in Dallas in what appears to be a Fiesta Mart grocery store. But this Texan “Karen” wasn’t content to simply resort to the usual shouting and pontificating about masks and hoaxes and whatnot. She took things to a whole new level.

She accentuated her profanity-laden tirade by hurling her groceries one-by-one onto the floor. (Warning: This video contains offensive language.)

As she hurled her groceries onto the floor, the woman launched into an F-bomb laden diatribe about mask rules.

โ€œ…Over a dumba*s motherfu**ing mask โ€ฆ I donโ€™t give a f**k, Iโ€™m from Dallas. Your dumba*s motherfu**ing rules and your dumba*s motherfu**ing s**t. Put all that s**t the f**k back. I donโ€™t give a f**k. I got a fu**ing mask.โ€

One wonders about that last line.

This particular “Karen” indeed does appear to have “a fu**ing mask” in the hand she’s not using to hurl groceries all over the floor. So why didn’t she just put it back on and buy her food? According to folks on the internet, she even entered the store with the mask on, but took it off before she reached the checkout. It was being asked to put it back on before coming to the cashier that triggered her meltdown.

It was this detail โ€“ and the fact that she seemed to have nothing breakable in her cart โ€“ that led some on social media to theorize that this whole thing was staged.

Whether it was staged or not, many people were outraged by the scene the woman caused.ย 

The state of Texas is currently one of the nation’s worst virus hotspots, and Dallas has recently broken its one-day record for new cases for the past two consecutive days in a row.

Written by John Sundholm

John Sundholm is a writer, video producer and performer originally from Michigan, and is one of those people who says he "lived in London for a while" even though it was only six weeks for study abroad. He made Ellen DeGeneres laugh once so you should probably follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Medium, where he does a lot of yelling under the name @JohntheCraptist.