The Best Memes About Those Annoying Privacy Policy Emails You’ve Been Receiving Non-Stop

It’s a big day for the European internet.

The General Data Protection Regulation has kicked into effect as of May 25th for those under the great umbrella of the European Union, revoking control of users’ personal data from companies that until now have been free to profit off that data – meaning tons of bogus newsletters and promo emails that you never signed up for will be a thing of the past. But naturally, these companies didn’t let go without a fight, prompting the veritable flood of privacy policy-related emails you might have noticed over the past few weeks. That was them begging for you to let them retain your data, which you would’ve had to opt into. Now that we’re past that line and able to enjoy the tranquility of a steadier inbox, let’s take a tour of the incredible memes people have put together to celebrate GDPR day.

A theme emerged in some corners: 

Some companies were barely able to contain their desperation. 

The British Labor Party embraced a somewhat cheekier approach: 

Certain other celebrities – including a few surprises – embraced the silliness of the day.

There was a delightful aggression in how many folks just ignored them all. 

If only us Americans could enjoy that kind of peace.

H/T: Indy100


Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.