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These Comics About The Truth Of Being In A Gay Relationship Are Lighting The Internet On Fire

Relationships are beautiful, from the big marquee moments to the little every day notes shared between two people who can't imagine life without the other. 

Meet Robin and Julien, two young men whose pastel-colored love comes to us courtesy of Australian illustrator Wonsun Jin, and whose adorable canoodlefest is a sweetly accurate portrayal of an LGBTQ relationship. Robin is a slight, indoorsy kid with a natural shyness – but a fierce protective instinct; Julien is a ripped seafoam-haired hulk who cannot wait to get married. Together, they have a delightful daily mosaic that feels like a real partnership.

They may be young, but they have a history together. 

It is comforting to date someone that can basically envelop you. 

Get you a man with laser vision. 

Being a gay couple means that you have to have your relationship acknowledged by those around you.

Cutseyness is basically at maximum with Julien, while Robin… tolerates it.

Maximum cutseyness. Being a complete hunk does offset it a little. 

Julien is a hopeless romantic, obsessed with marrying his man. But since they're still teens, Robin has to keep them both grounded.

They may be operating at different speeds, but the love is real. 

Gestures are cute and all, but only if they don't get in the way of practical matters.

Robin may be smaller, but the protective fury runs deeply. 

Time may change their priorities, but the feelings remain. 

Robin's gifts are often misinterpreted. 

Teenage sweethearts can sometimes truly last. 

Jin's flexible art style sometimes becomes an actual plot point in the comic.

Sweetness can be a sustaining force. 

We're pretty sure these two are going to make it. 

Adorable stuff, you two. Keep it up. 

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Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.