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These Tweets About Super-Smart Kids Have Us Feeling Even Dumber Than Ever Before

The wisdom of a child, unbiased and totally creative, is sometimes overlooked by educated and seasoned adults. We think that because adults have been through more in life than kids that they are ultimately smarter, but this may not be the case. These kids share some brilliant insight that adults may have missed.

What is really going on here?

Being yourself is freedom

A contract is always smart

Never buy plates again

Totally logical and acceptable given the guidelines

I enjoy simple answers


Thinking outside the box

What a gem

My mind is blown

So modest

She knows what she wants

Reality checks are important

Imagination and imagery to the max

Serving severe realness

Already playing the game

It's not always easy applying what you learn in school to every day life

This kid has it figured out

A positive outlook on life is key

Pay attention to kids, you might learn something very useful!

H/T- Buzzfeed


Written by Mark Sophia

Mark is a musician and a music educator with an obsession with musical instruments and a questioning creative mind. He lives for the 360 experience of writing, listening to, and performing music just as much as he lives to make new animal friends. He is a practicing yogi, often times achieving enlightenment through sun and moon salutations and strong warrior pizza eating poses. Mark also enjoys working his green thumb in the garden and meditative running.