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This Account Of A Woman Abandoning Her Dog At A Shelter Just Broke Our Hearts

Ann Flores was visiting the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston with a friend who was interested in adopting a pet, but before they even set foot inside they saw a woman physically dragging a dog through the parking lot. Flores never discovered the details of the situation, but the dog certainly knew what was going on – he'd rolled over onto his back and was resisting. She pulled out her camera to document the heartbreaking scene.

Before we really dig into this article, you should know right now that the two dogs at the core of the story have found homes and are happily adjusting. Any friend of a shelter pet will admit to a strange feeling – they're almost glad that poor pup or kitty cat had the misfortune of being abandoned because otherwise they'd've never become fortunate enough to meet. That said, watching an abandonment happen can be devastating and shelters are always full of needy animals, so if you're emotionally stable enough, let's proceed.

Flores told the Dodo, "It was like he was saying, 'Please don't take me in here'."

Moments later a second woman appeared with another dog who was behaving identically – and was being dragged all the same. 

"[Both women] had to pick them up because they wouldn't move," Flores said of the frightened dogs. The women didn't seem too concerned about the situation, though. "They didn't care… laughing and giggling because the dogs wouldn't move."

"It was like throwing trash away," Flores said. "There was no remorse."

Harris County Animal Shelter was full at the time and the poor dogs were facing euthanasia within days – four and five days, respectively.

Flores quickly sent the footage and the pictures to the Harris County Animal Volunteers, who work to rehome animals out of the kill shelter. The Volunteers named the dogs Truman and Mandi and sent the word out about their dire straits – and almost immediately, Truman found a home. 

The new owner was blown away by speed of Truman's emotional recovery: "He was starting to warm up on the 25-minute car ride home,"

"In just an hour, we saw a fantastic transformation of a dog who wouldn’t even walk and being flat on the ground and shaking…"

"…to feeling safe enough to sleep in the car."

"He's going to be a fantastic dog to live with." We're so happy for you and Truman!

Mandi, meanwhile, left the shelter a day after Truman. 

Suffering from mange and a lot of anxiety, she's got a ways to go to adjust to her comfortable new situation. 

But her new owner Jackie Duncan couldn't be more hopeful: "She has a ton of love in her."

It's heartbreaking to see this kind of abandonment, but we're sure that Truman and Mandi and their new owners are ready for a lifetime of love and care. 

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Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.