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This Ingenious Life Hack Shows We Have Been Putting Band-Aids On Wrong This Whole Time ????

YouTube: 5-Minute Crafts

HOLD EVERYTHING! It turns out we’ve all been putting Band-Aids on wrong all this time!

A video from 5-Minute Crafts lays out how cutting your Band-Aid with a pair of scissors can make them far more effective if you have a cut on your finger!

The problem with simply circling a Band-Aid around your finger has always been how easily they slip off. By cutting the two “wings” of the Band-Aid into separate strips, it becomes easier to avoid bunching around the joint while keeping the entire protective strip securely fastened on your finger.

The video went viral after adeptopeth212 shared it on Reddit. 

How to place a band aid correctly on finger tip or joint. from educationalgifs

Cutting Band-aids this way isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s become something of a mainstay in life hack videos. 

Twitter couldn’t believe what they were seeing…

Some people thought buying a different type of Band-Aid might be preferable to cutting the ones you have:

Others feared using scissors so soon after they presumably just cut themselves with a pair of scissors. 

In general, people seemed to be a bit skeptical of the life hack…

Perhaps the world is ready for a new life hack. Any suggestions?

H/T – Mental Floss, Insider


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