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This Teen Band Covering ‘Barracuda’ Is Going Viral For How Insanely Good It Is

When Nick Connors stepped up to the microphone at his friend’s high school graduation party no one could have predicted what was about to happen, not even Nick’s mom.

It was the first public performance for Nick and the Groove, a band of five teenage friends from Clear Lake, Texas, who were performing at a graduation party for drummer Caeden Breneman.

As guitarist Erich Niekamp began playing Heart’s “Barracuda”, lead singer Nick walked up to the mic and waited for his cue. What came next turned the talented local band—which also includes Raine McClane on keyboards and Emily Klang on bass—into overnight stars.

Watch the video here:

“None of us parents had heard them perform as a group,” said Nick’s mom Andie Connors, “we were all shocked at how fantastic they sounded for a first performance.”

Nick’s mom wasn’t the only one that was shocked. After the band’s performance made the front page of Reddit on Sunday the video went viral and has since been viewed over 450,000 times.

According to their Facebook page, “Nick and the Groove is a new Houston based up and coming band that consists of 5 friends ranging from 15-18 years of age. They cover a large spectrum of genres and are ready to perform for you… [with] Erich-guitar/vocals, Caeden-drums, Raine-keys/vocals, Emily-bass/vocals and Nick-lead vocals.”

Viewers were not only blown away by Nick’s bluesy and soulful vocals but by the band’s undeniable talent.

The group all met at School of Rock Clear Lake and amazingly had only practiced together three times before their viral performance.

Folks on Reddit did not see it coming, and like everyone else were amazed by the band’s talent.

Nick and the Groove
Nick and the Groove: Nick, Raine, Erich, Caeden and Emily. (Facebook)

Guitarist Erich Neikamp even jumped in on the comments to say “hi” and thank everyone for listening.

And people kept listening.

For new fans, one song just wasn’t enough and soon links to the bands other videos were being posted…

…including a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”…

…and jaw dropping cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain”…

and even a bluesy take on country with their version of Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Since their debut the band has played at several local venues and gathered quite a following on Facebook.

Eager fans have already started requesting more covers and asking the band when to expect some original tunes.

As for the future, since three members of the band are still in high school touring may not be in the cards yet, but if their viral debut is any indication, all five have bright futures ahead of them.

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