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This Video Of A Package Thief Being Chased Down By An Enraged Woman Is Just Too Satisfying

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Renee Abeyta got the chance to do what so many victims of package thievery have always wanted to do, and she took it!

Just before Christmas, Abeyta received a notification from her phone that someone was at the front door—she had installed a Ring system which monitors the front door with several cameras. The video systems have become so popular, Amazon now offers a monthly payment plan to purchase them.

When she went to the front door, however, there was nobody there. Quickly checking the footage on her Ring app, she saw a woman walk up to the door and steal a package off of her stoop. Enraged, Abeyta quickly ran outside and caught the woman crossing the street to get away.

Fortunately, Abeyta captured the entire incident on video so we can watch the glorious chase here:

Abeyta followed the woman in her car for a short period of time before parking and running after her on foot.

As they ran, she repeatedly asked the thief her name, threatening to call the police.

People praised both Abeyta and their own Ring system.

The Ring system can be purchased here.

Meanwhile, the other woman, clearly seen on video taking Abeyta’s package, asserted her innocence.

Of course, this only made Abeyta angrier:

“I don’t even know what came out of my mouth or even why I said what I did. It just happened.”

“I was mad as hell. There was no way I was going to let her go.”

“I would have ran for as many miles as I had to to get my package.”

After about a minute of running, the woman stopped and returned Abeyta’s package—a crock pot cover.

Victory has never tasted so sweet, and Abeyta has more than a few fans online.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the first person who’s been forced to chase a porch pirate out into the street.

Some people go even farther in their search for revenge against package thieves

…even if some of those stories proved untrue.

But for Abeyta, the confrontation was never really about getting her package back—it was about sending a message:

strangers shouldn’t steal things from others, especially around the holidays.

Lesson learned!


Written by Collin Gossel

Collin Gossel is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York, but there are nights when he looks up at the stars and wistfully thinks to himself “there’s got to be more out there…” You can catch Collin improvising new musicals every Tuesday night at the Magnet Theater’s Musical Megawatt, or follow his unfiltered thoughts on Twitter and Instagram @CollinGossel.--