Three Texas Sonic Employees Arrested After 11-Year-Old Girl Finds Ecstasy Tablet In Her Hamburger Wrapper

Photo by Scott Olson-Getty Images

The parents of an 11-year-old and a 5-year-old were shocked after getting food from a local Sonic Drive-In in Taylor, Texas. Their daughter found a pill inside the wrapping of the kid’s meal she was opening for her younger brother and asked her parents if it was candy. Upon seeing what their daughter was talking about, the parents drove to the nearest police station and turned in the pill. The police were able to test the pill on site and discovered it was an MDMA tablet, or what is commonly referred to as Ecstasy.

The police returned to the Sonic Drive-In and arrested three employees. The manager, Tanisha Monavette Dancer, was found with three additional pills during the police search. Two other employees were arrested on unrelated warrants and a small amount of marijuana.

The Taylor police chief said the parents did the right thing by going to the station instead of posting what happened on social media. The police also said there is no threat to children in the area as this was an isolated incident.

People on Facebook couldn’t believe it was intentional, however.

Some just wanted the address to the nearest Sonic.

Lessons learned: Keep your dangerous drugs out of the fast food prep area — and especially away from children.

H/T: Complex, CBS Austin

Written by Jonna Ivin

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