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Video Of Guy Confronting His Neighbor Over His Extravagant Christmas Display Sparks Debate


It may be the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s feeling festive, and a recent video has gone viral because of some intense “Bah, humbug” energy.

But many people online are on the humbug’s side, raising the question, is there such a thing as too much holiday cheer?

The debate began when TikToker @justinthelightguy posted a video of his neighbor angrily responding to the truly epic holiday light display—complete with musical accompaniment—that he put up on his house.

As the video shows, @justinthelightguy doesn’t just put up any old holiday lights.

He puts up an entire show, complete with video screens and lights timed to music selections. It’s like a miniature rock concert on his front lawn.

And the videos of his displays are absolutely epic.

@justinthelightguyChicken 🍗, Chicken 🍗 ##fyp ##foryou ##chickenwing ##love ##xyzbca ##sick ##art ##christmas2020 ##chickenwingsong ##chickenwingchallenge ##cute ##funny ##happy♬ original sound – justin 🤟🤟

But, of course, it’s one thing to experience this on the internet.

It’s a whole other experience to live next door to something this flashy and loud.

And at least one of @justinthelightguy’s neighbors has absolutely had it. In a since-deleted TikTok, Justin posted footage from his front-door Ring camera that showed his neighbor confronting him over the display.

Suffice to say, the neighbor has had enough of Justin’s Yuletide cheer.

In a copy of the video posted to Twitter, the neighbor unloaded on Justin.

“This kind of sucks dude. It kind of sucks.”

“Now I don’t understand your childish need for f’king attention all the time, I don’t.”

“Celebrating every calendar holiday.”

But while his anger is easy to dismiss at such a festive time during one of the worst years ever, who would want flashing lights and booming music spilling down their street at all hours?

The loud and garish display had plenty of people on Team Neighbor—even if many agreed the neighbor’s delivery was unnecessarily belligerent.

But several people pointed out the music is transmitted through an FM radio frequency, not actually playing out loud in front of his house.

Between that and the neighbor’s belligerent response, just as many people were on Team Justin.

Regardless of his neighbors’ reactions, between the amount of work that goes into his epic displays and the millions of views they’ve racked up on TikTok, it seems pretty unlikely Justin’s holiday cheer will dim any time soon.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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