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This Guy’s TikTok About Realizing His Plane Window Is Broken Is Giving The Internet A Panic Attack


If you’ve ever panicked about the possibility of an airplane window breaking and sucking you out of the plane to certain death, this is not the story for you!

That’s not what happened thankfully, but a guy on TikTok, Karl Haddad, did have an experience that would surely strike fear into the hearts of most of us: He awoke from a plane nap to find his window was broken enough that he could push it loose, and it concerned the crew.

Kaddad documented his experience on TikTok.

@karlll_once upon a time ##fyp ##viral ##plane♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

The incident happened back in July, at the tail end of Haddad’s 27-hour journey from Lebanon to Montreal.

After a long flight to Toronto, Haddad quickly fell asleep on his final Air Canada connection to Montreal. But when he awoke, he noticed something was very, very wrong.

As he told BuzzFeed News:

“Right after half an hour in, I was sleeping on the window, and I [realize] it’s broken. I poked at it a little bit to see if it was a big crack”

As his video shows, it was cracked badly enough that he could push the window against the outer layer of the window, that is flush with the fuselage.

Which is terrifying!

So he called a flight attendant.

“…she asked if I was fine. I told her yes, and that the window was cracked. She asked me to poke it in front of her. She said it was pretty bad, and she said she was going to call the captain.”

The captain, thankfully, said it was not urgent since it was just the interior part of the window, but that they would be landing “as soon as possible.”

Though no emergency landing occurred and the plane still landed at the Montreal airport, Haddad says he noticed the plane began descending immediately after he reported the damage.

Thankfully, a spokesperson for Air Canada clarified that damage like that found by Haddad is not actually dangerous.

“The part in question is a window blind frame assembly where the window blind slides up and down. This is a plastic part of the trim around the window and not a critical structural part.”

Nonetheless, Haddad’s video struck fear into the hearts of many on the internet.















Despite the seeming ubiquity of this fear, aviation experts have always maintained that damage to airplane windows is unlikely to make a plane crash, and that planes are designed to withstand many far more dangerous circumstances.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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