Tinder User Creates A Choose Your Own Adventure For His Match

A Tinder user broke free of the "hey what's up" adage by offering his match the chance to participate in an interactive story.

It starts with the match being asked to pick one of three doors, through which they would begin their quest. Each chosen door was the entrance to a creepy old lighthouse.

After their selection was made, the questions commenced, and were made up as the game went along, according to user BostelJ, who came up with the idea.

"I literally just made this up as I went. I was doing three other things at the same time lol. Had the idea of doing something more creative than the generic pick up line and was getting bored of Tinder in general," BostelJ said in a Reddit comment. "I just made sure I could come up with something for each letter and went along with the flow."'

Participants' choices led them to a trap door in the lighthouse, where a message in a bottle awaited them.

"You hold up the note and read it.  A. Snapchat, B. #, C. Both."

The rest of us need to step up our game.


Written by Brandon Gage

Hey I'm Brandon, and I'm about to refer to myself in the third person. Since moving to New York in 2011, he has worked as a real estate broker, nightlife promoter, and bartender. Brandon, 30, has never had a cavity nor has he ever broken a bone. In 2015, this devastatingly handsome yet respectably humble man-child was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis. It has left him medically disabled. Silver lining: he can direct those in need to the best bathrooms in New York. Brandon is a politics junkie and ruins everyone's news-feed on a daily basis. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. When he isn't whining about President Trump or trapped in the bathroom looking at twinks on Instagram, Brandon likes to run, workout, travel, and go clubbing. His cat and sidekick Cosmo (pictured), has his own Instagram @kweencosmo.