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Three Trans Influencers Assaulted And Robbed By Group Of Men In LA As Bystanders Laughed


Trans women deserve better than this.

Eden the Doll, an Instagram influencer, and friends Joslyn Flawless and Jaslene White Rose were robbed, assaulted, and chased through Hollywood Boulevard while one of the attackers unabashedly filmed the attack.

Eden is a transgender woman who has been sharing her transition online. Flawless and White Rose are transgender women of color.

Trans women of color are assaulted and murdered at an alarming rate.

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Instagram user @stevofilms was called out by Eden the Doll on her Instagram story, as he recorded the whole thing while sexualizing and mocking the three women while his friends beat and robbed them.

WARNING: video features violence and sexualized anti-trans language

In the attack, Jaslene was knocked unconscious, the three women were hit with a scooter that was thrown at them and a man held a crowbar to Joslyn’s face and threatened her life.

Strangers refused to help, including one woman who said she didn’t “see blood” so the attack must not have been so bad, another man who snaps additional photos of the women and a police SUV that passes but doesn’t stop to help as Jaslene is unconscious on the ground.

The internet is now searching for the men—whose faces were fully revealed in various self-posted stories of their attack on the three women—in order to bring them to justice.

Violence against trans people is high in 2020.

The Human Rights Campaign reported at least 26 transgender people have been murdered, most of whom were Black trans women.  The number is likely underreported because trans people are constantly misgendered in the media, by police and by the parents of the victims—which is another form of violence against trans people.

The number of trans people murdered so far in 2020 already outnumbers the number of trans people murdered in the entirety of 2019—up from 24.

Violence against trans women is violence against the LGBTQ+ community at large, but rarely gets the same attention in mainstream media and within the LGBTQ+ community as non-violent acts of homophobia.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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