Former Olympic Swimmer With History Of Transphobic Comments Compares Drag Shows To ‘Black Face’

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Sharron Davies, a 57-year-old ex-Olympian for the UK who holds one silver and two gold medals, has never been an ally to the trans community.

Earlier this year, she shared a bizarre tweet in which she imagined a farfetched desert island scenario to somehow prove that “binary sex matters”:

Davies has also told the BBC that she doesn’t believe trans women should be able to compete in women’s swimming at the Olympics.

As recently as Saturday, 12/21, Davies continues to post odd, transphobic comments—this time, comparing drag queens to blackface.

Ah yes, transphobia with an extra dash of sexism!

People were quick to point out all of the logical fallacies here.

Davies also recently tweeted her support of JK Rowling after the latter’s support of Maya Forstater whose court case tried to have anti-trans view protected by the UK’s 2010 Equalities Act.

Because nothing says equality quite like denying other people the rights you have.

The tweet also had folks calling out JK Rowling as a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (Or TERF) for short—not such a good look on the parts of very prominent UK women.

In fact, roughly half of Davies’ Twitter Feed is retweeted transphobia—much of which Is far too disturbing to be shared here.

While various drag queens and associated acts are tearing Davies apart on Twitter, TERFs have been on the rise in the UK for quite some time.

Under the moniker of “gender-critical,” this movement makes bold claims that trans people have insidious agendas that involve “silencing women” and that ruling hate speech against trans people is not protected under the law is “suppression of free speech.”

Some claim UK Culture is to blame for Davies and Rowling’s extremist views, but if Emma Watson can be openly supportive, other upper-class White UK women  can get on board.

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Written by Mike Walsh

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