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Trump Supporter Rages Against Driver In Profanity-Laden Rant Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Display


A new online video captured the latest example of what hate looks like in some corners of the United States.

In it a self identified Trump supporting man screamed and cursed out of his truck window while he juggled multiple pairs of eye wear while also driving.

The hate-spewing Trump supporter was apparently triggered by another driver’s decision to write “Black Lives Matter” on the side of their own vehicle.


The driver on the receiving end of his vitriol coasted alongside the man while filming the incident shortly after the yelling began.

As the two vehicles coast along side by side, the furious man screamed:

“Loser f’kin’ piece of shi*t. Yeah videotape me all day long.”

“Trump’ll win and we’re gonna bring it back, motherf’kers. F’k you!”

“F’k you, you f’king no brain pu**y. F’k you!”

You can see the full video below.  

The video—viewed by 4.7 million people at last count—aroused a tide of responses. 

People were appalled by the response elicited by a call for an end to inequality caused by racial bias in the United States. 

Others decided to add some humor at the screaming man’s expense.

And of course, there was plenty of speculation. 

As humorous as many comments made the situation, it’s clear videos like this only capture a fraction of the many hate-fueled encounters that occur across the U.S. every day.

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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