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Trump Supporter Claims ‘I’m The Actual Victim’ After Pulling Gun On Black Man Over Social Distancing Dispute


A White bar owner who pulled a gun on a Black man during an altercation has claimed “I’m the actual victim” in the wake of a video of the encounter going viral.

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia outside Infusion Lounge in the city’s Old City district, after a Black man on a bicycle rode up to the bar and began scolding patrons for not wearing masks and not social distancing.

When patrons began shouting back at the man to go away, the bar’s owner, Jamie Atlig, shouted “Trump 2020” and pulled a gun on the Black man.


Bar patron Liz Krieger, who intervened in the encounter, told local news station Fox 29 that the Black man froze as soon as Atlig pulled out the gun, then pulled out his bike lock in self-defense. 

She can be heard in the video screaming at Atlig to stand down.

“Put the gun away! He’s doing nothing! He’s doing fuc*ing nothing! No, he has a fuc*ing bike lock!”

But Atlig, in an interview with Fox 29, said he saw the Black man pull out a black object he thought was a gun, and that he is in fact the victim here.

“It looked like, at that point, he was drawing a gun, because it was a black, metal object as he reached behind…”

“He came across and came to attack me. I’m the actual victim in this situation.”

Atlig, who is also a security consultant who offers weapons and combat training for law enforcement, also called the Black man a bully.

“I don’t like bullies. These guys can try to bully me all they want. They have the wrong person.”

But Krieger vehemently disagrees with Atlig’s characterization of the encounter. 

“A bike lock doesn’t warrant having a gun pulled out on you.” 

Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Krieger elaborated:

“A man had a gun pulled on him for speaking the truth. We weren’t social distancing. He was completely in the right to be yelling at us…”

“…[T]his is how Black people are shot and it’s claimed later that he had a bike lock on him and people thought it was a gun. But let’s be clear: The bike lock was never pulled out [until after the gun was].”

On Twitter, most people found Atlig’s claims ridiculous. 

Philadelphia Police have said they are “actively investigating” the incident. The Black man who was threatened has not yet been identified.


Written by John Sundholm

John Sundholm is a writer, video producer and performer originally from Michigan, and is one of those people who says he "lived in London for a while" even though it was only six weeks for study abroad. He made Ellen DeGeneres laugh once so you should probably follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Medium, where he does a lot of yelling under the name @JohntheCraptist.