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Trump’s Secret Service Allegedly Tell People To Say Nice Things To Him Because His Ego Is So Fragile

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The fact that Donald Trump is President doesn’t mean he’s self-assured or confident. In fact, according to Donny Deutsch, a TV personality who has rubbed elbows with the President on many occasions, Trump’s Secret Service agents provide a service no other President has enjoyed: before Trump enters a room, agents often advise people to give him compliments when he arrives.

Deutsch told the anecdote of Trump’s fragile ego on the August 15 edition of Morning Joe.

During a discussion over whether the President had acted like a “dealmaker” during his time in office, Deutsch said:

Donald is all about being loved… and he’s got his 40 percent now he’s going to turn and be Ronald Reagan and he’s going to have everybody because that’s what he wants… and he’s done the opposite.

He went on:

An interesting anecdote that somebody told me when they were at his country club in Bedminster that Trump was about to walk into the room and some of the Secret Service guys came up to the people he was going to see and said, ‘hey when you see the president, say positive things, you know, pump him up.

Deutsch then compared the Secret Service to fluffers, adult film workers whose job is “ensuring male stars maintain an erection prior to filming:”

They were basically fluffers in the room, in effect. I just said that word. Didn’t I? Metaphorically, of course.

The pundit concluded:

Donald Trump is at the point he’s so fragile and cannot ever, ever be in any interaction, in any exchange in any room that’s just not pure lionization, canonization, and it defies any left-brain logic.

Previous reporting from outlets like Politico have shown President Trump’s tendency to surround himself with positive analyses of his actions, from looking only at right-wing polls that favor him to hiring only people who pledge undying loyalty no matter his actions.

When he’s with people who offer unwavering support, many outlets report Trump takes on a more approachable demeanor. The same cannot be said about individuals who regard Trump as a peer with whom to negotiate.

Perhaps there’s an interesting idea in here? If every Presidential news conference begins with the press giving Donald Trump a compliment, perhaps he will stop decrying them as enemies of the state!

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Written by Collin Gossel

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