Twitter Is Totally Dragging A Trump Supporter Over His MAGA-Style Hat Aimed At AOC

Spencer Platt / Staff / GettyImages, @CloydRiversPics / Twitter, @GreatScott1991 / Twitter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made massive waves, an impressive feat considering it’s her first year in the House of Representatives. She appears unafraid to tackle problems others shy from.

However, she’s made her fair share of enemies too, and they’re not particularly clever.

One Twitter user, by the name of @CloydRiverPics, felt it funny to try and mock Ocasio-Cortez’s bartending past.

You know, that thing she’s openly talked about in interviews and was even a major feature of a new Netflix documentary.

According to Cloyd’s new hat design, it’s something to make fun of:

Right, because someone’s blue-collar past decides they’re unfit to serve?

No, and Twitter was not having it.

Not having it at all.

Many were quick to point out the flaws of the original poster, even going after his name:

Others were fast to point out how this appears to be a reoccurring thread among the MAGA community: “Women in power are scary.”

Others happily tore apart Cloyd’s unoriginal design by using Ocasio-Cortez’s name on the gross MAGA hat:

However, in the end, most agreed that this was a meaningless gesture in the path of a strong-minded public servant:


Written by Robert Acosta

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