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‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Sparks Debate About Sexist Double Standards After Joining OnlyFans

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In a year that feels like it can’t get any weirder, it seems to always find a way to go over the top. Many were shocked earlier this week when Tyler Posey announced he now has an OnlyFans account.

The actor—best known as the star of the 2011 TV reboot of Teen Wolf—made the announcement on his Instagram page.

The video ends with Posey naked, playing a strategically placed guitar to entice fans to sign up.


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You guys asked for it, and I supplied. I now have an only fans. Follow the link in my bio and come get wet with me! haha

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Posey’s account charges $14.99 a month for access to his exclusive content, including behind the scenes footage of projects he’s working on, candid at-home clips and plenty of thirst traps.

That said, some have suggested you may be better off saving your money, and looking at the half naked pictures he posts on Instagram, since he hasn’t quite given everything away on the subscription site.

But that hasn’t stopped many fans excited for the opportunity.

Posey’s announcement drew a lot of fans, and a lot of criticism.

Specifically, many online compared it to the time Bella Thorne started an OnlyFans account and the ensuing controversy.

In August, Thorne started an OnlyFans account to research for an upcoming documentary “about the politics behind female body shaming and sex.” However, she was quickly criticized for stepping into a space where people have been having trouble making ends meet and upending the system.

It was claimed she scammed followers by advertising $200 for a “nude” photograph that wasn’t actually nude. After a lot of cancellations, OnlyFans changed its rules regarding pricing and payouts for every account owner.

Between the initial criticism for starting the account and the backlash the new site rules would bring for others, Thorne was called out.

She didn’t receive the reaction Posey got.

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Before you get out the pitchforks in defense of the double standard for Thorne, you may want to hear this next part.

Thorne is involved in Posey’s OnlyFans.

To make matters all the more complicated, Bella Thorne is listed as the director for the photoshoots that Posey is posting. Indeed, in an Instagram story, Thorne linked to a post and teases that she “directed all his content.”

It may be best if famous actors just avoid these spaces altogether.

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On one hand, there was definitely a double standard in the reaction a woman received for starting an OnlyFans account, and the one a man received. On the other hand, both are rich celebrities making a lot of money in a space where content creators are struggling and—in the case of new rules implemented because of Thorne—made it even more difficult.

Perhaps if they want to entice fans with thirst traps, they can find a better way to do it.

And perhaps people online can recognize the additional vitriol they have for women over men when they take some of the same actions.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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