‘Ultrasound Nails’ Are Now A Thing And We Have Questions

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One of the universal pleasures of life is family. For many people, ultimate joy comes from choosing to expand their family by bearing children.

Having children can be an instinctual want, so it’s no wonder that people everywhere get giddy when it comes to baby stuff.

But a new trend is a little more non-traditional than most.

Proud parents-to-be love to show off ultrasounds of their bundles of joy. Anybody who’s had pregnant family or friends can attest to that.

These moms have taken their ultrasound pride to the next level.

Yep. Those are ultrasound nails.

Nail art is popular all over the globe, and people love to use their nails to show various snippets of their personality.

Some people get special manicures to reflect their various fandoms. 

Others choose to flash holiday-themed talons.

And others simply like their claws to reflect their artistic side. 

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But the “ultrasound nails” trend is completely new and people don’t know how to feel.

Some people are obsessed.

Others don’t necessarily get it, but they do understand that the anticipation of a new baby causes people to do interesting things.

But for others, this trend is simply a hard pass.

What could the next nail art trend be?

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