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UNICEF Employee Threatens To Kill Partygoers At Rented Airbnb During Racist Tirade Caught On Camera

Thogori Karago/YouTubbe

A post-wedding luncheon at an Airbnb in Kenya devolved into a nightmarish scene when a belligerent man interrupted the festivities.

The trespasser began hurling racial slurs; physically attacked partygoers, unprovoked; and repeatedly threatened to kill them.

Eventually, after being detained by police, the man was identified as Philip Van De Graaf, who was an employee of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

UNICEF is the United Nations agency that provides humanitarian and developmental relief for children around the world.

Thogori Karago, who is the co-founder of LGBTQ-friendly travel booking platform Pink Coconuts, recounted the horrific encounter that occurred on September 12th in a post on Medium.

She included the following two video clips from the horrendous evening.

WARNING: Includes violent behavior.

Karago said she was hosting the gathering with friends and family in the Airbnb located in the High View area in Ridgeways, Nairobi.

She wrote:

“At exactly 8.30pm we were having a vote of thanks speech amongst ourselves to conclude, when we were shocked upon the arrival of an intruder from a small gap in the garden shouting, flailing his arms and claiming we must exit the premises.”

“As the person renting the premises i asked the gentleman who initially failed to identify himself or request entry onto our property or provide his name and details and purpose.”

“However, much to my dismay he refused to disclose and continued shouting and addressing me and my friends aggresively.”

At the beginning in one of the videos, Van De Graaf’s voice can be heard interrupting a party guest’s speech, asking:

“It’s 9 o’clock now, no? It’s curfew time, no?”

He proceeds to make his way further into the crowd to ask who is renting the property and demands they leave the premises.

When Van De Graaf is asked to leave, he goes off on a tirade dropping F-bombs and threatening to “kill” the guests while shoving individuals out of his way.

Karago recalled of the assault:

“He ensued to use several objects around him to attack us and destroy personal property located in the porch area unprovoked.”

“He also went and got his guard dog and brought it to our property in an attempt to use it against us.”

When Van De Graaf threatened to call authorities, the person recording the incident dared him to and said:

“I will post this on Twitter. Trust me, you are leaving this country.”

After stumbling around for a while, Van De Graaf appears to trip over some patio furniture before two of the partygoers finally tackle him to the ground.

Twitter lauded how well much of the guests handled the situation.

Karago said she got everyone inside the house and contacted local police.

She continued:

“The… officers sought to engage the man at his premises alongside his security team from BM and Kenya Police whereby he refused to admit liability for causing unnecessary disturbance, verbal and physical assault towards several persons as they attempted to defend themselves.”

In addition to disclosing Van De Graaf’s identity, police said that that the aggressor had a “history of substance abuse, hurling racially verbally abusive language and using his dogs against the guards assigned.”

On Sunday, the incident was reported to local police and UNICEF Integrity.

Karago said they have yet to hear back from UNICEF.

The Daily Dot discovered that – according to his now-deleted Linkedin profile – Van De Graaf had been working for the United Nations agency for 12 years, most recently as a regional supply and logistics manager.

Karago concluded with the following statement:

“We are ready to provide several witnesses and have submitted this as an official compliant of Phillip Van de Graaf’s unwelcome and unsolicited behaviour and verbal and physical assault towards myself and others as a foreign national and diplomat resident in my country Kenya.”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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