University In Denver Investigating After Woman Tells Muslim Men ‘F–k Your Religion’ As They Pray In Computer Lab

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A video went viral this week after two Muslim students from Metro State University (MSU) in Denver, Colorado were verbally accosted for praying in a computer lab.

According to the men, prior to the start of the video, the woman responded to the men beginning their prayers.

The woman called to the front of the room:

“Do this somewhere else!”

She then proceeded to turn the volume up on her computer, blaring music over the sounds of prayer.

In the video, one of the students from MSU is just rolling his prayer mat out on the floor at the front of the computer lab. The room is essentially empty, except for the two Muslim students, the unidentified woman who is potentially a student or staff member and an onlooker who is not pictured.

One of the Muslim students captured the video. His prayers can be heard from behind the camera.

We see first his fellow student, standing at the foot of his prayer mat, beginning to pray, before the other student swings around to capture the woman on camera.

The woman at first ignores the camera. The music on her computer is blaring.

The student continues praying while taking video, and the woman then waves both of her middle fingers at him.

She says and then returns to her computer work:

“F–k your religion. I don’t care about your prayers.”

The man then asks:

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The woman replies:

“None of your god—n business.”

You can watch the video here, but please note NSFW language:

One of the students identified himself on Twitter, stating:

“So we’re praying Maghreb and this lady starts going off trying to say ‘DO THIS SOMEWHERE ELSE’ and then starts bumping music. So we confront after and she begins with ‘F your religion.. F you.. I don’t care about your prayers’ just belligerence. Omar comes to pray and she continues [in the video].”

The student continues, explaining:

“We come to this lab every [Monday and Wednesday] night to pray and never had an issue with anybody at all. They’re very respectful and we keep it as quiet as possible. But with her, she was immediately triggered by the sound of our Salat.”

Twitter has been resoundingly supportive of the two Muslim MSU students, showing their support for their beliefs in this situation.

Metro State University in Denver is not letting this rest, stating they strongly support their mission for diversity, and they will continue investigating until they discover if the woman has any affiliation with the university.

A spokesperson for the University tweeted:

“MSU Denver takes its commitment to diversity very seriously and places a high value on cultivating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive campus community.”

The University is actively investigating the situation, looking to see if they can identify the woman in the video.

Presumably, if the woman is identified as an MSU student or staff member, she will face consequences from the school for discriminatory behavior.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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