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High Heeled Crocs Are Now A Thing—And People Are Very Torn

Looks like Crocs makes high heels. But folks aren’t all that jazzed about it.

According to Footwear News, you can blame it all on Balenciaga.

The fashion house tried to give Crocs a chic makeover last spring by turning them into brightly colored platforms.  They accessorized their elevated version of Crocs with pins (which, incidentally, sold out before they even officially hit shelves).

Despite the fact that Crocs are pretty well-hated by fashionistas in the know, there appears to be a bit of hubris on the part of the plastic footwear giant.

Which may be why, back in 2015 they, expanded their line from their most recognizable style, the comfort clog—it sold “more than 300 million pairs since 2002″—to high heels.

So why, if this all went down in 2015, is everyone just freaking out about it right now?

Maybe it was the somewhat recent Balenciaga release that got folks looking at and talking about the well-heeled Croc incarnations. But whatever the impetus was, the Croc Cyprus V Heel ended up making the rounds on the internet this month.

And managed to stir up controversy wherever it was seen.

The heel is available on in all black, all gray and gray with a purple footbed.  Reviews for the Cyprus V Heel, by those who have chanced to wear them, are mostly favorable.

But Twitter was having none of that.

That’s not to say it was nothing but hate online. There were a few fans.

And there was even one new design idea suggested.

The Cyprus V Heel is sold out on the brand’s website and is currently selling for over $200 on

But if you still just gotta get your hands on some high-heel Crocs, there are options to the Cyprus V available on their website for those who dig it.

Crocs high heel Lina Cyprus V Heel
Crocs Lina wedge (Crocs)

Anyone fancy a Lina wedge?

H/T: Twitter, FootwearNews


Written by Vanessa Nix Anthony

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