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Trump Just Misspelled Melania’s Name In A Welcome Home Tweet, And Twitter Roasted Him For It

We’ve all had a loved one enter the hospital for some kind of test or procedure. Whether routine or emergent, when someone you care deeply about needs treatment it’s always a relief when they are once again released to come home again.

You want to welcome them back with open arms and you might even post about it on your social media—”Grandma’s coming home!!”

What’s way less common is forgetting how to spell the name of the person you’re well-wishing—especially when that person is your spouse. ?

A FLOTUS by any other name…

But that’s exactly what President Donald Trump did on Saturday when announcing the First Lady’s homecoming after surgical treatment for a reported kidney condition, referring erroneously to his wife as “Melanie” instead of Melania. Though the tweet was quickly changed (no doubt by staff) to correctly read Melania, the tweetstorm could not be contained.

Quickly the term “Melanie” started trending on Twitter, though most responses were there to troll the President imploring him to please share more about this ‘Melanie’ person.

Here is some of the tweet troll action:

Some folks thought it wasn’t such a big deal though:


But for those who sloughed it off as just a “one letter typo,” Klaas offered this elucidative tweet:


Regardless, the FLOTUS has been released and according to the HuffPost:

The first lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Melania was resting comfortably back home and in high spirits.




H/T: HuffPost, Twitter


Written by Vanessa Nix Anthony

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