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Video Captures Teen’s Painful Fall Through The Roof Of School Gymnasium


A wrestling match in Gainesvlle, Florida was called off after a teen randomly plummeted through the roof of the Buchholz High School gymnasium.

The shocking footage was captured by Sharyn Gonzalez. The mother was watching her son wrestle before a nineteen-year-old who is not a student at the school came crashing down to the gym floor.

According to police, eight teenagers were trespassing on the roof above their heads.

One unfortunate member of their group happened to step on a skylight and smash through it.

The footage was disturbing enough that Gonzalez covered her camera.

Initial reports said the rooftop frenzy began after one of the teen’s cellphones was thrown onto the gym’s roof. But later reports indicate the teen who fell was actually filming a music video on the roof with friends.

He ended up sustaining serious injuries and remains in hospital after a 6-hour operation.

People reacted to the shocking footage.

People couldn’t understand why he was up on the roof.

Luckily, the 19-year-old who took the nasty fall will survive his injuries.

But other reports indicate he’ll face multiple charges for trespassing and his friends were already charged.

Not everyone is feeling sympathetic for the trespassing teen.

But mostly everyone is wishing the poor kid a speedy recovery.

Details remain scarce about the music video Chadd Shanks and his friends were shooting, but it probably wasn’t worth the extended trip to UF Health Shands Hospital.

Chadd’s grandmother issued the following statement via News4Jax:

“I know there were other people that were slightly injured as things fell out of the roof of the building. As a grandmother, I would like to say I apologize.”

“Our children — we can guide them, raise them and teach them things, but when you set them free, they do things sometimes that are not connected to you, so I do apologize. I hope that there is no serious injuries.”


Written by Kit Duggan

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