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Video Of Homeless Man Digging Into Manhattan Whole Foods Hot Bar Has People Rethinking Eating There

New York Post

In Manhattan, a man created quite a stir when he began eating from a Whole Foods hot bar using his hands.

Most unsettling for many was the employees’ behavior.

A photo editor from The New York Post happened to be nearby and chose to capture footage of the man, who they assumed to be homeless, digging into the foods occasionally without using any of the provided utensils.

People online were upset by the man’s actions.

Someone might eat from those foods later without realizing someone has touched them.

However there is no way to know if the man was homeless, mentally ill or mentally impaired or both as no one is seen interacting with him.

In the video, Whole Foods employees just watched and laughed as the man ate.

The employees’ behavior was criticized both for their disregard for hygiene and their cruel treatment of the man.

In response, a store supervisor told a reporter from The Post:

“I just throw out the tray, that’s our routine. We address the situation and throw the tray out and put a fresh one in the bar.”

A shopper named Jay was not soothed, however.

“Ew. That’s pretty awful. If someone’s hands are in the salad bar and the staff is laughing, I don’t want to waste my money here.”

The New York Post‘s article about the incident was also widely criticized for its extremely insulting tone towards the homeless man.

One thing is certain: for public health reasons, no one should be allowed to eat from a buffet with their bare hands.

Both the store employees and The Post could have handled this situation in a much better, compassionate way.

Collin Gossel

Written by Collin Gossel

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