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Video Of Teen Downing Massive 10-Patty Burger As Restaurant Cheers Him On Is Something To Behold


A recent TikTok video of teenager Ethan Mueller’s successful attempt at eating a 10 patty burger at Whataburger, with the whole restaurant cheering him on, has garnered plenty of online attention.

The video, which was shot and edited by Texas high school senior Blake Reynolds, begins with a shot of the receipt showing that Mueller ordered a burger with 10 beef patties and 5 slices of cheese.

Then Mueller can be seen sitting at a table holding the absolutely massive burger. He had just taken a huge bite and was struggling to chew it when one of the other customers stepped up to wipe his mouth and chin for him.

Various cuts stitch together Mueller’s progress and the enthusiastic cheers of other customers and restaurant staff.

The man who wiped his face does so several more times throughout the video, supporting him and cheering him while keeping his face clean of burger juices.

At one point, kitchen staff can be seen standing next to the counter loudly cheering for Ethan, with one staffer excited enough to jump up and down and clap while cheering.

Someone even came to drape a Whataburger t-shirt over his shoulder like a cape.

A friendly bystander then brought Ethan a giant cup of what appears to be cola or root beer to help him wash the burger down.

After the burger itself gave up completely and began to fall apart, Mueller switched to picking up small pieces of bun or patty to eat it that way.

Someone in the background can be heard telling him “That’s okay, whatever it takes,” as he has to modify his methods to accommodate the burger falling apart.

When he was down to the last piece of the burger, Ethan offered up a triumphant (or prayerful) fist and shoved the last giant bite into his mouth to roaring applause from the gathered crowds.

Folks on TikTok absolutely loved the video, with few seeming surprised that this took place in Texas. 


Many loved the show of support from the gathered crowd. 


Some were shocked that Ethan actually managed to finish the burger. 


Reynolds has talked a bit about what he was trying to do in the sub 1 minute clip, and why he made the editing decisions he did.

“The way I shot it made it tell a story, building suspense for when he actually finished it.” 

A truly impressive feat of gastrointestinal fortitude showcased in an equally impressive and masterful video.

Reynolds told Mashable that Mueller threw up shortly after completing the challenge, but getting sick was no big deal.

Mueller already beat his own record by eating 11 patties in less than 20 minutes.

Reynolds said:

“Idk maybe he will try for 12, who knows.” 

Who knows indeed.

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Written by Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters

Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters is a writer/web designer and aspiring librarian based in Northern Maine. When not writing or in class, they devote much of their time to multiple non-profit organizations, largely focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and animal welfare. During rare moments of free time Winona enjoys video and tabletop games, as well as various nerdy fiber crafts such as crocheting (mainly amigurumi Pokémon, cat toys, and blankets) and counted cross stitch.