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Viral Video Of Dog Standing On The Subway Like A Human Faces Backlash From Animal Lovers


One corner of the internet was launched into a fiery animal rights debate after a new viral video featured a dog defying physics entirely.

It all went down on a New York City subway train.

The dog’s owner somehow managed to deck out their pet in a full professor outfit. Agador, the dog’s name according to the original Instagram post, sported a tweed jacket, tight black pants, some goofy horn rimmed glasses, and a bouquet of flowers to complete the ensemble.

And on top of that, he stood on his two hind legs while using the non-bouquet hand to hold one of the upright bars that all human urban commuters know so well.

The video was truly something to see. 

A good number of people got a kick out of the unlikely doggo look, many tagging friends to share in the laugh.


But despite all the positive feedback on the original Instagram post, the clip ruffled some fur when it made the rounds to other parts of the internet. 

The popular “dumbfordogs” TikTok page reposted Agador’s dapper commute on the video sharing site, where it was liked over 35,000 times and attracted nearly a thousand comments.

On TikTok, responses to the video were harsher than the feedback on Instagram.

Many people condemned the dog owner’s efforts to make Agador stand in such an unnatural way. 

@Kelly Greeson/TikTok
@Daniel Euan Henderson/TikTok

But the “dumbfordogs” account actively defended the post. The account claimed that presumptuous conclusions fueled the backlash.  

@rodeo drive/TikTok; @dumbfordogs/TikTok
@John Rambo/TikTok; @dumbfordogs/TikTok

The backlash remained within the comment section on TikTok, leaving us forced to only wonder exactly how that dog managed to wear what he did and stand the way he stood.

Of course, we hope it was done humanely without any coercion at all.  

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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