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Virginia OB-GYN Charged After Allegedly Giving Women Unnecessary Hysterectomies Without Their Consent

Western Tidewater Regional Jail

An OB-GYN from Virginia named Javaid Perwaiz was recently arrested after being charged with “health care fraud and making false statements relating to health care matters.”

According to federal court documents, Perwaiz repeatedly performed unneeded hysterectomies on patients without their consent.

Perwaiz performed surgeries on 510 patients, many of whom he tricked into preparing for surgery by claiming the “onset of cancer was imminent.”

Many of his patients didn’t find out about their surgeries until long after the fact.

One woman, for instance, visited Perwaiz’s office twice for unrelated issues. She later visited a fertility specialist “who advised her both fallopian tubes were burnt down to nubs, making natural conception impossible.”

Perwaiz’s most recent violation of laws began when he told a woman that, to avoid cancer, she would need to have her ovaries removed.

She agreed as long as the surgery wasn’t “invasive.” After waking up, she was “shocked to discover Perwaiz performed a total abdominal hysterectomy.”

Perwaiz has been sued for malpractice on eight different occasions.

He has had his medical license stripped away on at least one prior occasion.

He was previously cited for “poor clinical judgment and for performing unnecessary surgeries.”

Perwaiz was once before investigated by Virginia’s board of medicine “for performing surgeries, predominantly hysterectomies, without appropriate medical indications and contrary to sound medical judgment.”

Sound familiar?

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Perwaiz was previously employed at the Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, who described him on their website as “dedicated to the promotion of healthcare to women from adolescence to menopause and beyond.”

Now, however, the hospital is distancing itself from its former OB-GYN, saying:

“Dr. Perwaiz is not employed by Bon Secours or Bon Secours Medical Group. Like many independent physicians, he has held privileges at different hospitals/health systems.” 

A federal magistrate ordered Perwaiz held without bond for at least a week, when a detention hearing is scheduled.

Prosecutors were concerned the doctor might flee the country to avoid prosecution.


Written by Collin Gossel

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