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Voters Honor Trailblazer Susan B. Anthony On Election Day With A Fitting Display At Her Grave ❤️

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After 728 days of anticipation, the midterm elections have finally come and gone, and it was an election like we have never seen before.

The total voter turn is still being counted but the 2018 midterms started breaking records before anyone set foot into a booth.

Along with the highest early-voter turnout in a non-presidential election, the midterms broke records for fundraising for congressional elections, total number of candidates, number of female candidates, and the number of LGBTQ candidates.

Despite long lines, bad weather, and voting machine errors, millions went to the polls to exercise their right to vote. Voters in Rochester, New York, honored the woman responsible for so many having that right, Susan B. Anthony.

A champion of the women’s suffrage movement, Anthony was arrested for two weeks in 1872 after illegally voting in her hometown of Rochester.

Anthony was fined but told the judge she would “never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty.” Though she wouldn’t live to see women finally win their right to vote in 1920, Anthony was instrumental in making it happen.

It has become a tradition for voters in her hometown to adorn her grave with “I voted” stickers on election day.

Many were touched by the memorial for Anthony.

And those who couldn’t make it to Rochester honored her in other ways.

Some questioned if marking Anthony’s gravestone was disrespectful but many felt that it was exactly what she would have wanted.

As Anthony said: “Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.” Her memorial reminds many that it is not just a right, but a responsibility.

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Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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