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Gay Waiter Claims Homophobic Boss Punched Him So Hard For Wearing The Wrong Shoes That His Tooth Flew Out

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A Long Island restaurant owner is accused of using homophobic slurs and assaulting an employee to the point that the server’s teeth were knocked out. And all this for the ‘crime’ of wearing the wrong shoes.

Michael Abenante is currently suing his former employer, Emilio Branchinelli over the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his previous boss.

The news broke earlier this week.

Abenante had been experiencing abuse since he was hired in 2017. But things came to a head over some shoes.

The incident took place last year, November 15, 2019. According to Abenante, Branchinelli noticed the server was wearing black converse, and ordered him to go get different shoes.

Abenante went on his break and returned in something he hoped would be more acceptable. However, when Branchinelli saw the new footwear, he flipped out and heavily criticized Abenante.

According to court documents, Branchinelli screamed:

“You look like a f’king h*mo mountain climber, are you f’king stupid? Finish the tables you have, take em off and go back to exchange you f’king moron, you and your c*nt mother both should’ve died when she pushed you out!”

This is unbelievably horrifying.

Abenante’s suit explains that Branchinelli then chased him from the restaurant, kicking him and punching him in the face. The punch knocked out a tooth.

All the while, Branchinelli was threatening to kill Abenante.

According to the lawsuit, Abenante had endured homophobic abuse during the entirety of his time at Emilio’s. Coworkers made homophobic comments and taunts, including slapping his backside and grabbing his penis.

Despite multiple complaints, management did nothing to alleviate these abuses.

Abenante is not the only former employee suing the restaurant. Sabrina Kozminsky is suing for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Kozminsky was hired June 2019 and suffered daily sexual harassment from the male employees, who told her they wanted to “put a baby inside” her, or straight up asking if she enjoyed anal intercourse.

Kozminsky and Abenante’s lawsuit is seeking damages, backpay and attorney fees.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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