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Dodgers Pitcher Lights Up Twitter After Everyone Notices Just How Tight His Pants Are

Tom Pennington/Getty Images @MECass8/Twitter

The opening of the National League Championship game drew some eyes…but not because of the Los Angeles Dodger’s pitcher’s fastball.

Pitcher Walker Buehler began trending on Twitter during the game after people caught a glimpse of how tight his pants were.

Buehler himself though didn’t seem to want to hear about it.

At a post-game press conference, a reporter addressed him and told him that his snug pants were trending on Twitter.

Buehler simply answered: “Not the time or the place.”

He then abruptly left, which earned its own parody on Twitter.

Though, Twitter disagrees with the “not the time or the place” comment.

So much so that @timandsid started a Match Game surrounding Buehler’s pants.


What do you think Walker Buehler’s pants were tighter than?


Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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