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Black Woman Stunned As She Films White Driver Spitting On Minneapolis Cops Without Getting Arrested


A video of a White male driving off without consequence after aggressively confronting and “spitting on” Minneapolis police officers has gone viral.

According to Newsone, the date of when the footage was taken remains unclear.

The raging encounter that did not devolve into an act of police brutality reveals a stark contrast against interactions with law enforcement that has historically gotten Black civilians killed.

Ben Crump—a trial lawyer for justice and civil rights advocate—shared the video on Twitter in which he described as an example of White privilege.

In the footage, the belligerent man antagonizes the cops—one of whom was Black—after they appeared to be retreating to their SUV that was parked ahead of him.

The man gets out of his vehicle and approaches one of the officers and yells:

“I got y’all motherf’kers, b*tch!”

He continues his hostile rant while holding what looks like a cellphone and approaches the Black officer.

The disrupter repeats:

“I got you, b*tch!” 

He then turns back around and continues to yell incoherently as he heads towards the other officer, who pushes him back towards his car and warns:

“Get out of my face. One more word and you’re going to jail.”

“Spit on me one more time!”

The incident was presumably filmed by a Black woman—whose hands can be seen in the side mirror from inside her vehicle—and can be heard commenting:

“Oh sh*t that’s a White boy.”

“Look at that. He spit on him and everything.”

After the two officers managed to de-escalate the situation, the man got back inside his vehicle and was allowed to drive off.

As he pulled away, he locked eyes with the woman recording and yelled through the car window, “You see this sh*t?,” to which the woman replied, “I see it.”

Twitter was dumbfounded over the fact a White driver was allowed to drive away from his aggressive interaction without incident.

Minneapolis is also the city where George Floyd was killed by a police officer who knelt on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

The officers involved in Floyd’s arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill were all terminated from the Minneapolis Police Department and are being charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder after public demands for justice.

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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