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Enraged White Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Black 14-Year-Olds For Handing Out Free Donuts

NBC 10 Boston

A White man’s behavior is currently under investigation after he shouted racial slurs and addressed two 14-year-old boys with the N-word when he saw them handing out free donuts in Newburyport, Massachusetts last week.

The young men, who are twins, reportedly were offering free donuts they had acquired from a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts to any passers-by. They were on popular State Street, which was busier than usual last Thursday night.

WARNING: video contains NSFW language

@maryosazuwaMy 14yr old brother was giving out free donuts with hiis friends and was called the N**** with hard R by an asshole! ##heistheprobelm ##blacklivesmatter♬ original sound – maryosazuwa

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The White man began yelling at the two as he passed. Upon entering his car, he used racial slurs and addressed the two minors as the N-word.

Their mother, Adama Barry, explained: 

“This guy came from nowhere and attacked my sons, using the N-word. I cried for two days, you know, and my kids are so polite. I wish you could meet them.” 

Because the area was so busy that evening, there were many witnesses to the racial slurs.

One onlooker, Kelly Mount, approached the man about his behavior.

Mount also approached the twins and apologized for the situation, reassuring them that they had done nothing wrong. But she had to remove herself from the situation when she could sense it escalating.

Mount recalled: 

“He just went off on me, and he was literally — the anger was scary, and that is when I removed myself.”

“And I said, ‘Your racism, you, people like you are not welcome here.’”

Barry stated this incident is far from the first she and her sons have experienced racism in the Newburyport area. Barry explained that a neighbor they’d had last year addressed her children with the N-word, as well.

One of her clients’ neighbors yelled at her for walking on the building’s driveway. Barry was there for work as a personal care assistant.

Another time, when she was seeking additional work, the potential employer told her: 

“[We cannot] deal with Black people.”

Barry explained: 

“We have been called the N-word and told so many times to go back where we came from. People in Newburyport told us that.”

“I know there are people that are saying there’s no racism in Newburyport… even if he is not from Newburyport, that does not mean there are not other people in Newburyport that [are racist].” 

A witness in the Newburyport community shared an image to a community Facebook group, hoping to identify the man involved.

Barry later shared the same image on her personal profile, hoping to increase awareness of the racism that is present in Newburyport. 

Please please my people help me share Racism is real in Newburyport My fourteen years old boy ????My hearts breaks💔💔💔

Posted by Adama Barry on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Many shared the post and commented, voicing their support for Barry and her family. 

Adama Barry/Facebook
Adama Barry/Facebook
Adama Barry/Facebook
Adama Barry/Facebook
Adama Barry/Facebook
Adama Barry/Facebook

Another witness reported the man’s complete license plate to the police. Law enforcement confirmed they now know the man’s identity.

City officials confirmed on Monday that Newburyport is looking into the situation to determine whether or not the man’s behavior should qualify as a hate crime.

City Marshal Mark Murray stated:

“[We are] using all resources at our disposal.”

“We do not tolerate acts of racism or bias in our community, and we will pursue this investigation, wherever the facts take us.” 

The public is looking forward to updates on the situation, as many have deemed this behavior unacceptable.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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