Report Of Mother’s Intestines Spilling Out In The Shower After C-Section Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

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Wound Dehiscence is the rupture of a wound along a surgical suture. Unfortunately that’s exactly what Mel Bremner went through in 2011.

Bremner had recently returned home to Macduff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland after delivering her first child five days before via cesarian section.

When Bremner bent over to retrieve a bottle of shampoo in the shower, she felt her surgical suture “burst” and found herself holding her intestines.

She called to her partner Aidan for help. He was able to keep a clear head and assist her.

Bremner told,

“When I stood up I saw my intestines spilling out of my stomach. I called for my partner, who was still in bed, he got me out of the shower and sat me down and put my feet up. He was in the military so he’s used to these sorts of things!”

“It was all quite bizarre!” Bremner continued, describing the incident.

“The paramedics arrived and filled me full of morphine, whisked me away to be airlifted to the nearest hospital which was 45 miles away. I was stitched back up and spent another 3 days in hospital.”

Bremner’s c-section consultant told the couple that he suspected he may have either cut the end of her sutures too short, or simply not tied the final knot tight enough to keep the sutures secure.

Bremner told the Mirror that she decided to share her story now, eight years later, to combat the idea that cesarean births are at all “easy.” She also wants to encourage new mothers to take it easy after a c-section, as it is a major surgery.

“I think after giving birth you are sort of expected to get up and get on with it.

“People are always telling you to take it easy but you just say ‘I’m fine’.”

She has since given birth to two more daughters, both via c-section, with no further unexpected complications.

ChannelMum shared the story on their Facebook page.

The reactions were plentiful…and mostly horrified.

Bremner is lucky that both she and Aidan kept a cool head during the crisis.

“If Aidan had panicked I think I would have too, but he was brilliant and calm.”

Bremner shared her thanks for everyone’s well wishes and cleared up some questions people had.

She posted:

“Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments on here regarding my story!”

“I am far from brave, there are women who go through much worse than I did. This is 100% real, just because there is no blood doesn’t mean to say that this didn’t happen!!”

“My partner took a picture more for memory than anything else, no one would ever have believed what had happened without it, including us!! Lol!!”

I did not do anything to over exert myself, I followed all instructions from health professionals etc, I was just unfortunate. I simply shared this story, along with the picture, to raise awareness that things like this can and do happen.”

“I hope by sharing this I at least helped one person either deal with something like this, or avoid something like this! I didn’t do it to frighten anyone nor put anyone off. I am completely healed now – 7 years on and 2 more sections later and thankfully can see the funny side to it all!!”


Written by Winona Sioux Christnot-Peters

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